Answer 15 questions in a row to win.  The questions will increase in difficulty. Questions are selected randomly. Each playthrough will be a bit different

Created for the Beginner's Circle Game Jam #4

Upgraded for Finally Finish Something Jam 2021

Next version features:

  • Sound FX ✓
  • Character animations (for correct & wrong answers)
  • Introduction and title screen
  • Improved graphics (stylized font)✓
  • Particle FX
  • Improved interactivity✓
  • Game win fanfare FX
  • More questions

Development log


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I almost had 15 in a row... till I got to the Sonic emerald question. I was thinking of Sonic 2 instead of the original lol! Great UX NinNeko... Has a game show vibe going :) 

I liked how there were a bunch of questions and I didn't always see the same question each run. If you make some custom UI elements I think it would be 100 times betters.

Thanks! In the future I also plan on adding more questions and maybe categories like in Jeopardy. Improved UI will definitely make a big impact.

never completed it :( fun while it lasted :)


Thanks for playing! The questions are different each time and hope to add more variety in the future. I should add some features like in who wants to be a millionaire (call a friend, 50/50, and audience)